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Harvest and Reuse of Rainwater from Green Roofs

Posted by Maja Tomazin on Mar 7, 2017 4:10:06 PM

Rainwater harvesting represents an alternative water supply that captures and stores rainwater for later use. The harvesting of rainwater is as simple as collecting water from surfaces on which rain falls, and subsequently storing this water for later use. Normally, water is collected from building roofs and stored in dedicated water tanks.

Green roof technology is improving all the time. The goal is to keep the water clean, in some cases probably cleaner than from some traditional roof schemes. Naturally it is necessary to observe the stability characteristics of the sub-structure, the membranes, and the related maintenance requirements.

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Topics: BIM, stormwater management

4 measures to consider when designing fire-safe Green Roofs

Posted by Maja Tomazin on Dec 23, 2016 2:22:24 PM

Some 40 years ago the first truly extensive green roofs were built in Germany. Since then, green roofs have become a common addition to buildings. At the same time, this development has led to a more critical approach to fire safety. Related requirements are becoming increasingly strict, and will continue to evolve as green roof designs develop.


Green roofs should be designed to provide the necessary fire resistance

The first green roof performance tests, including fire tests, were performed and analysed in the 1990s. It’s pretty safe to say that fire safety regulations differ, sometimes significantly, from country to country. So in order to gain a larger global perspective we need to review the way fire safety is treated and talked about on major green roof markets.

After reviewing many cases over the past few years, we can say that generally green roofs should be designed to provide the necessary resistance to the spread of fire by considering 4 primary measures:

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Do green roofs need to be maintained and irrigated for maximum performance?

Posted by Maja Tomazin on Feb 8, 2016 2:14:55 PM

Designers, investors, project owners and other stakeholders often have questions about the maintenance of green roofs. It’s important to be realistic, and to take into account all of the many aspects of this question.

Let’s start with the most important one: what does the owner want and expect from his green roof? When someone decides for an extensive green roof solution it’s clear that use of green roof spaces for recreational and leisure activities is rather limited. Is the decision then related to the owner’s personal attitude; their hope of making a greener world, of reducing CO2 emissions? Or did the owner recognise the possibilities for energy savings in cooling and heating the building? Whatever the reason, the roof should be kept in good condition if the owner wants the green roof to deliver optimal water retention, energy conservation, a naturally beautiful appearance and more. For this healthy, vigorous plant growth is necessary.

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BIM: Quick and easy design of Green Roof System

Posted by Maja Tomazin on Jan 22, 2016 2:29:32 PM

BIM - more than just piece of software or a tool

BIM stands for Building Information Modelling. It is not just a piece of software, nor is it just a tool – it is a methodology.

BIM is a process involving the generation and management of a digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of a facility. The resulting building information model becomes a shared knowledge resource that supports decision-making about a facility from the earliest conceptual stages, through design and construction, through to its operational life before its eventual demolition.

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