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Positive environmental (and landscaping) impacts as a result of responsible irrigation

Posted by Jure Sumi on Mar 28, 2018 11:31:12 AM

Abu Dhabi City Municipality calls for responsible use of irrigation water


Last week Abu Dhabi City Municipality was hosting a 3-day business event focusing on responsible irrigation. As a result, the Abu Dhabi City Municipality (ADM) has called all on parties engaged in the field of irrigation to adopt the best methods and advanced techniques in irrigating greens and landscaped areas, plants and trees. The call is part of the Municipality's efforts to conserve energy as well as natural and water resources.

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Green Urban Infrastructure on the Rise – All Over the World

Posted by Jure Sumi on Dec 6, 2017 2:21:54 PM

I’ve been on the road (or up in the air) for the past three months, meeting the “green people” – people deeply involved in green urban infrastructure. From old foxes to young enthusiasts who want to make difference in the green industry. Great people, and great creative minds! And we all share a common goal – to make our cities greener, healthier and more comfortable places to live – for everyone.

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Different Green Roofs for different local needs and environments

Posted by Jure Sumi on Feb 13, 2017 2:50:07 PM

We have been talking on many of our blogs about the real performance of green roofs, in terms of improved energy efficiency, better storm-water management, lower heat-island effects and more – because it’s all about achieving good environment performance.

However, this time we look at green roofs from the customer’s perspective, and what they expect from the green roofs.

Over the past years I’ve learned that many customers do occassionaly read more in details what green roofs are and know what green roofs bring; but when it comes to initial discussions you can clearly see that there are certain local aspects and requirements that contribute to the fine-tuning of green roof design.

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Wind up-lift and wind resistance of Green Roofs

Posted by Jure Sumi on Nov 22, 2016 10:24:07 AM

Many studies have been made and published related to wind resistance of Green Roofs, but in reality there is still a lack of consensus in the international green roofing / building industry on what kind of testing and certification would be most appropriate and representative of real wind effects on vegetated roofs.

Physics behind wind-suction

If we first look at the facts, we don’t often hear of green roofs having been blown-off during storms. Such an event might happen with pavers, waterproofing and similar, but this is not the case with green roofs.

But do we know why?

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3 key elements affecting the real energy performance of Green Roofs

Posted by Jure Sumi on Nov 17, 2015 10:16:14 AM

Recently I was talking with a fellow green roofer, talking about how energy efficient Green Roofs are and can be. The discussion was very general – no hard facts, no real data, no real “meat on the bone”. Despite all of that, however, we both pretended to know everything, in detail.

Well, for me personally (coming from an insulation company, where measuring building energy effi-ciency is the name of the game), this kind of discussion is really not something I like. I actually hate all of those very vague and general statements we find all over the internet, or hear at green roof conferences, events, tradeshows and similar, over and over again: “Save up to 75% in summer and up to 25% in the winter...”

When this is said – and heard – so many times, people actually start to believe these kinds of claims are “carved in stone”, even though no firm facts have ever been properly published to back up such firm statements.

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Why Urban Heat Island (UHI) Reduction is critically important and how Green Roofs can help

Posted by Jure Sumi on Oct 13, 2015 9:32:20 AM

The urban population of the world has grown rapidly from 746 million in 1950 to 3.9 billion in 2014. In 2014, the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) published a revised version of the World Urbanization Prospects. According to the report, 54 per cent of the world’s population today lives in urban areas, a figure that is expected to rise to 66 per cent by 2050.



Projections indicate that with the current rate of urbanization combined with overall global population growth, the world’s urban population could surpass 6 billion by 2045 and reach as much as 6.4 billion adding a total 2.5 billion more people to the world’s urban population inside the next 35 years.

“Managing urban areas has become one of the most important development challenges of the 21st century. Our success or failure in building sustainable cities will be a major factor in the success of the post-2015 UN development agenda,” says John Wilmoth, Director of the UN’s DESA Population Division.

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4 key Green Roof performance indicators you should (and can) know more about

Posted by Jure Sumi on Sep 10, 2015 4:24:24 PM

Green roofs have gained great attention of urban planners and architects recently due to some obvious benefits such as aesthetic value and increased biodiversity and improved microclimate conditions in cities by reducing the heat island effect.


It is clear however that we need to move green roof design based mostly on aesthetic performance in to designing green roofs to match required performances so urban planners and architects can use them to their full potential.


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